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About me

My name is Jackson. I’m 11 years old, I’m in grade 6 and I live in the Comox Valley, on Vancouver Island. This is my first blog post ever! I am very excited to start blogging this year.   

One of my favourite things to do is bike.  I like biking in Cumberland at the dirt jumps, the jumps are really big and I SEND IT over the jumps.  I usually go with a friend, it is more fun with a friend than it is without a friend.  I just bought a mini bike from a garage sale, it is very fun, I put pegs on the back so I could do manuals, and on the front, but I don’t really use the front pegs.  In the summer time I do BMX racing in Cumberland and I go around Vancouver to the different BMX race tracks.  I am an intermediate level, I have 10 more to win in order for me to get to expert level.  I have been doing BMX for 3 years now.  Everyday I go ride my mountain bike, I like riding with some of my friends, and I have been doing wheelies and learn different tricks.   

I also like going to skateparks,the youth community center, the pool, and the skating rink.  As you can tell, I am a pretty active kid. : ) 

What are your hobbies? Tell me in a comment! 


10 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Jackson
    I also enjoy biking with my friends we make jumps in the north east woods. what do you like more mountain biking or BMX one day I would like to try BMX. I bet your really good at racing BMX.

    sincerely Braxton

    1. Hi Braxton, thanks for the compliment, I really do love BMX, but it is really hard to chose between biking and bmxing, they are pretty different and both really fun. I also like biking in the north east woods.

  2. Hi Jackson,
    I like to mountain bike and hit jumps just like you. Mountain biking is one of my favourite sports because it’s a challenge and fun to learn new things.


  3. Hi Jackson, I’m Jackson from Mrs. Kriese’s class in Austin, TX. Some of my hobbies are playing lacrosse and bike riding. As I read I began to tell your a lot better biker than me. I do agree that it’s more fun going with a friend. I would rather not take the risk and just send a RC car over the ramp. If you want to visit my blog, I’m at

    1. Hi Jackson, I also like RC cars, Traxxis is my favourite brand but I have a light hawk, they are pretty good, but not as good as Traxxis. I watched the lego video on your blog, it looks really cool – I love gummies and lego! Do you build lego?

  4. Hi, Jackson.

    My name is Ivo. I don’t go mountain biking, or compete in BMX races; I use my commuter bike for the roads, and occasionally for a light trail. I can’t do a wheelie; the sports I play are tennis and soccer. I don’t have the skills in BMX or mountain biking, because it is not my favourite thing to do. Do you play tennis, basketball, or soccer?

    To visit my blog, go to…

    I hope you have yourself a lovely day ahead of you.
    Ivo N.

    1. Hi Ivo, I sometimes play tennis and basketball, I like to play soccer at recess. When I was little I played on a soccer team. What other things to you like to do? Do you like to build lego? I really like building lego and sometimes I try to motorize lego vehicles.


  5. Hey Jackson, I also like to go mountain biking. How long have you been mountain biking? Maybe we could go biking sometime. I also like the skate park to, I recently hurt my left foot doing a double tailwhip on my scooter. What tricks can you do?
    Bye now, Trey

    1. Hi Trey, I’ve been biking since I was three or four years old. The scooter tricks that I can do is a tail whip and a bar spin flat. Bye now, Jackson

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