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Alphabet Christmas Edition

El Despertar de la NavidadCreative Commons License Ramón Portellano via Compfight

Hello bloggers,

I’m so exited for Christmas that I wrote the hole Christmas alphabet!


A, Is for angel

B, Is for blizzard

C, Is for Christmas tree

D, Is for December 25

E, Is for eggnog

F, Is for family

G, Is for gingerbread houses and gingerbread man

H, Is for hot chocolate by the nice toasty fire

I, Is for icicle

J, Is for joyful

K, Is for king

L, Is for lights

M, Is for Merry Christmas

N, Is for nutcracker

O, Is for ornaments

P, Is for presents

Q, Is for queen

R, Is for reindeer

S, Is for Santa Claus

T, Is for tobogganing

U, Is for unwrapping presents

V, Is for visiting family

W, Is for wintertime

X, Is for Xmas

Y, Is for ya boy

Z, Is for Zebra

Hope you liked my post and Merry Christmas