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Death in space


Do not shoot an alien 

 Bob the astronaut went into a big cave on the planet Borgazorg to hopefully discover a new species. The cave was dark and scary, the walls were dry, and clay-like with rocks.  Bob was wearing a state of the art, Nosar, teal astronaut suit with a back pack and helmet.  He also had his lucky (not so lucky today) black scarf.  In his hand he had a Nosar 2.0 Teleportation Gun.

Bob heard a loud roar, and then from around the corner an alien appeared!  The alien was huge and terrifying.  It had long pointy toes and a massive mouth with more 60 sharp, triangular teeth.  Bob shot the alien with his teleportation gun to try to capture him and put him into a secure Nosar location, but it bounced off the alien with no affect.  Then Bob had no choice but to shoot himself with the teleportation device.

The alien was confused and sad because he didn’t get to eat his lunch. 

Sincerely  Jackson 


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Where I Live

Good morning, good evening, and good afternoon, viewers.

I live in the Comox Valley, BC. It’s an awesome place to live and visit for a vacation .Cumberland is a great place to go in the Comox Valley if you like mountain biking, dirt jumping, and BMX racing. It is fun there because the BMX track, the dirt jump track and the skate park are all next to each other. The BMX track has 8 jumps, not including the rhythm section. The skate park has a half pipe and a bowl.I like to go to the Northeast Woods in the Comox Valley. I like to go biking with my friends there and it is a good place to walk my dog. The Northeast Woods is a large forest with jumps.

There is a race track in north of Courtenay called the Saratoga Speedway you only half to be 12 years old to race there. There are a couple of classes. There is crash to pass and hornet cars or auto cross but in order for you to race there you need to go to racing school. They teach you the best way around the track and how to drive manual cars and if you pass you get a certificate and then you can buy a little four calendar car and take all the interior out accept the steering wheel the driver seat and pedals and then put a roll cage on the inside of the car and then put a racing seat belt on the seat and a steel beam on each side of the car and now you have a hornet car.

Or if you did the racing school you can just get you mom’s or dad’s car and do auto cross but you’re technically not racing because it’s just you on the track and your getting timed and who ever gets the best Time wins.

Are there any race tacks were you live? Let me know in the comments below.

Sincerely,  Jackson