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Tobogganing Fun

It finally snowed!!!  I got to go sledding on the weekend with my friend Jake.  We went to the school near his house where there is a good hill and snow jumps.  When I went I couldn’t feel my feet because I only had my running shoes on and my hands were freezing because I didn’t have any gloves – but it was still FUN!  It is early for the snow to come, so it is probably going to snow a lot this winter.  I want to build a big snow fort this winter if there is enough snow.

Comment your best sledding fail.




11 thoughts on “Sledding

  1. Hi Jackson,
    My biggest snow fail was last year. I was at Brooklyn with my friend and I went down the hill on my sled. But when I tried getting up I couldn’t. It was to icy. When I tried running up I fell right on my butt. I eventually got up after a while though. I enjoyed your post.

    1. Hi James,
      When your trying to get up the ice/snow hill and you fall on your butt that happens to me a lot when I go sledding and it hurts a little.


  2. Hi Jackson
    I was so happy when it snowed on the weekend mainly because I new that the mountain would have a lot of snow on it to ski but I also love sledding. I go sledding a lot because there is a big sand pit behind my house that is really steep its really popular so the snow doesn’t stay for that long but its still fun

  3. Hi Jackson
    I was really happy when it snowed, unfortunately it all left over 2 days.
    I did not get the chance to go sledding but I am excited to start skiing again. The only place that I went sledding last year was forbidden platoe and the sand pit.
    Do you like to ski.

    1. Hi Quinn
      I never been skiing before but I want to try it but i did try snow bording on mountwashington.
      I never been to the sand pit for sledding but I heard that it’s fun.

  4. Hi Jackson!
    It sounds like you had a lot of fun sledding with Jake! Did you go on the jumps?
    Sometimes when it snows and I’m at my Dad’s house, we go to this small hill nearby, and slide down it. My biggest fail was probably there, and I didn’t even make it to the bottom of the hill on the sled! I fell off and slowly slid down. I probably looked ridiculous!
    I can’t wait until it snows again! It was so much fun!
    Happy blogging!

    1. Hi Gabi
      I did go on the jumps It was really fun. I wiped out lots and it did not hurt
      because of the snow so it was parity fun crashing on the snow. I hope you didn’t hurt your self wen you crash’t.


  5. Hi Jackson, I think video you had the in to of Travis doing his jump, was really COOL! I thought you had a lot of good information about Travis in your post. I’m glad he didn’t injure himself, that’s a dangerous jump. Would you ever try something like that? I don’t think I would.

  6. Hey Jackson,
    I was so happy when it snowed because I could go snowboarding and sledding. have you ever bin to the sled spot by highland? That would suck to have your runners on when you were sledding. When it snows again i’m probably going to be outside all day building snow forts and sledding. Did you hit any jumps when you were sledding? I cant wait till it snows again. It will be so fun.
    Have a great day.
    Sincerely, Connor

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